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I am Vasudha and most of my students call me 'Sudha Aunty'.


I am very passionate about math and working with kids. I combined my passions to start V's Online Math Tutoring. I love it when kids get excited about math and are able to solve challenging problems that even adults have trouble with. It fills me with pride when I see my students taking higher levels in math and enjoying it.

I have been tutoring my peers since I was in elementary school and that carried on to my adult life too. I've always volunteered to coach/ train the new hires in my jobs too. I started formal one-on-one online tutoring in Jan 2016 when I agreed to train my friend's kid for Math Kangaroo (an international math competition). I absolutely loved the experience and decided that this is exactly what I wanted to do my whole life. So apart from regular school math, I also run math enrichment programs to coach kids for math competitions.


I love working with the kids and they, in turn, give me their best back.

Vasudha Uddavan Online Math Tutor

Summary of Qualifications and experience

* I have a Master's degree in Management Studies from BITS, Pilani

    (One of the ivy league colleges in India)

* Secured an average of 97.7% in grade 12.

* Over 10 years of experience as a student/ peer tutor.

* Over 5 years of math tutoring experience in the USA.

* Over 2 years of experience as an accountant in Canada

* Around 1 year of experience as a functional consultant in India.

Vasudha Tutorpreneur Hero

My Philosophy

Create a Stress free Learning Environment

When kids learn that the teacher is there to do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals and no judgements are passed against them, they loosen up and talk about where they need help. This is the first step to learning. 

I also make them realize that every mistake is an opportunity to explore new ways to solve a problem. It is really okay to make mistakes in class and they don't have to get defensive about it. They can learn from it and move on.

Make the lessons interactive and fun

Kids work very hard when they are interested and having fun. So sometimes we play pretend. I ask them to be the teacher and they get to teach me :) When they are talking they are actively thinking and the activity is now centered around them. They are the spotlight and get all the attention they need.

I also use real life examples as much as possible. That shows them how to apply math in real life. So when they get the answer to the most asked question "Why is math needed? Is what I'm learning really useful?" they are much more dedicated.

Dedication to work


I love what I'm doing and care about every single student of mine. My students connect with me both during and after class to achieve the best results. 

Lifelong Learning


I love to learn new things. I'm currently learning Sanskrit (apart from updating math skills). My mom is the same way. She imparted the love of learning to me. I try to do the same to all my students. I tell them - 'Develop a love for learning, and school becomes fun and no longer a chore'. Learning continuously also keeps your brain refreshed and alert. 



Communicating the results of the progress made by students to their parents is one of the most important part of tutoring. Parents and students should feel free to reach out to me for help whenever needed. I send out texts after every class informing the student and parent about the class and the homework set. 

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