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Sarah Benis Scheier-Dolberg


Our family found Vasudha through an online search for online math enrichment coaching. We live in New York City and have found the approach to teaching mathematics limited to a set scope and sequence based on age, and our third grade son was not being offered math learning opportunities that challenged him to explore new concepts. Vasudha suggested working with a math competition model, doing weekly coaching for our 8-year-old son for 45-minutes each week. He does 30 minutes of homework each week with a set of practice problems and then reviews them with Vasudha during their time on Zoom. Our son looks forward to his time with Vasudha each week, appreciates her clarity and patience, and is being exposed to challenging and engaging work every week. We cannot imagine a world for our son without his weekly anchor with Vasudha. She is a wonderful teacher and human being.

Ramya Vasudevan


We found Vasudha Math tutoring online , to teach my son Algebra during summer 2019 , he picked up very fast and liked her teaching style . So , we asked her If she could continue her classes (7th grade) during the school year . She accepted to teach him once a week for an hour , it’s going great .. Now my son is confident in Algebra . We would highly recommend Vasudha for kids who need one on one attention in Math.

Yashodha Kunduru


I was looking for a math Tutor for my 9 yr old and when I saw V’s online Math via FB and after reading all the reviews wanted to try for my daughter . Vasudha helped my daughter to go over her basic and advanced Math techniques . Vasudha is very patient , thorough and she does an excellent job in ensuring that my daughter understands the concepts .My elder one who is 11 yrs old also started learning from Vasudha and she loves Working with vasudha towards achieving her goal in maths. Thanks a million Vasudha !!

Madhuri Bandla


Vasudha has been teaching my daughter for almost 9 months now. My daughter loves Vasudha’s classes. I see a great improvement in her math skills. and her confidence has increased drastically. I like the way Vasudha teaches, she lets kid explore their own way of solving a problem (there is always more than one way to solve a problem). Vasu also tells them if there is a better and easy way to make it easier when solving a similar problem next time. Vasudha is great at preparing kids for any competitions for their grade (sometimes higher). She also makes it very easy for the kid to understand the underlying concept in-depth. I highly recommend Vasudha for math tutoring.

Kavitha Ramakanth


Vasudha is a very passionate teacher, who is very quick to understand the child’s level of understanding, learning styles and designing an effective teaching method. She brings the love for math and and can customize lessons to suit the needs of your child, something that’s very rare to find these days. Would highly recommend Vasudha for maths tutoring from beginners to advanced.

Mark Drew


Vasudha is a versatile educator and genuinely passionate about math and creating a creative link between each students abilities and their potential. The gains and improvements we have experienced go beyond our expectations. Her engaging methods and expertise during COVID have been a net benefit towards our goals and are of great value to us. I highly recommend her her educational consulting services.  Kind regards, -Mark

Lalitha Konduri


Vasudha is the best math guide for kids. I love her approach and the activities that she uses to teach the kids. The activities are fun and improve problem-solving skills in kids. I strongly recommend her for math classes.

Sujatha S


I was looking for a Math teacher since I wanted my son, who is in 6th grade, to learn Math concepts well, start doing Math above grade level and also prepare for Math competitions. I was so happy when I found Vasudha via LInkedIn. I sent her a message and she immediately replied that she was willing to coach my son. We initially started with classes once a week and later on increased to two classes a week. Vasudha’s manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing!!  Prior to starting Math lessons with Vasudha, my son used to get anxious and feel scared about doing Math problems that required critical thinking. Thanks to Vasudha, after a few months of her coaching, my son started to show a lot of improvement. He started to attempt Math competition questions. Even his school teachers started to see how my son was able to solve advanced Math problems at school. The best part about Vasudha’s coaching is that she will have my son relay back all the strategies that he learnt and ask him to explain how he arrived at the solution and she gives him feedback. This helped my son to get more comfortable in explaining his solutions in addition to making him  feel confident. Vasudha also encourages my son to compete in Math competitions. She has a very good knowledge about the various national and international Math competitions and she shares resources that can help students prepare for these competitions. I give Vasudha my highest recommendation for anyone who is looking for a wonderful Math teacher who wants to see their child genuinely do well in Math at school and compete in Math competitions.

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