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  • What can I expect out of V's online math tutoring?
    * I make sure that they understand their concepts.This in turn leads to improved confidence and better grades. * I constantly challenge them and make them explain their work, so their brain is working throughout the lesson. * I personalise every single lesson. The questions I give and set depends on your child's needs for the day. * Your child becomes confident in problem-solving and his/ her math skills. * They find math more interesting as they see how the math applies to real-world problems * They overcome their fear of math * They move from "Math is not really my thing" to participating in Math Competitions.
  • Do we need any special equipment for online math tutoring?
    Nope, just your regular computer will do! You can use any tablet/ iPad/ laptop or desktop. I highly discourage using smartphones because the screen size is too small for effective communication. Headphones are optional and can be used depending on your surroundings and comfort level. I would also encourage you to get a writing/ drawing tablet if you are using a non-touch screen device. I use a Wacom Intuos Draw writing tablet.
  • What software do you use for tutoring? How does online tutoring work?
    For video calling: I use Skype or Zoom. Both have video calling facility. In case of any issues with these, I've even used WhatsApp and facetime as a backup. For whiteboard: I use bitpaper for whiteboard. Whiteboard allows me and the student to write simultaneously in real time. Zoom has an integrated whiteboard too. But the technology keeps changing and I might change these if a better software comes up
  • Is online tutoring as effective as in person tutoring?
    Online tutoring and in-person tutoring have their advantages. The advantage of online tutoring is that it's done in the comfort of your own home without letting a complete stranger in. Also, kids work best in familiar environments. What better than home! There is no traveling for both the teacher and the student, so it's more time and cost-effective. In fact, it is fantastic for busy parents who have no time to drive their kids all around the town for classes. I can also pull up various materials needed for the kid as needed. The whole web is available to search for materials! I've been tutoring students in the US, Australia, Singapore and Middle East for the past 4 -5 years and it has been highly rewarding. All my students who registered for Math Counts (a middle school competition) went to compete in the State Round. I also have kids who've acheived Honors in AMC 8. All this has been done online for I live across the globe. For my other success stories you can view them here.
  • My kid cannot sit still even during an in-person class. How do you think you can manage her online?""
    When such a kid is being tutored in person, the kid is usually fidgeting constantly. This can distract the teacher if it gets beyond a limit. But when tutoring online, I don't notice it sometimes because it's out of the screen. The kids doodle on the whiteboard to vent some of their pent-up energy. I also have students who jump up and down when they get excited about solving a problem :) It adds to the energy of the class and I love it. Most of my students work better online because they are more relaxed; they know that I'm not monitoring their every small movement. As long as they can explain their work, they can doodle all they want. I also teach them to enjoy math and take pride in their work, and that helps them keep the focus through the class. In fact, the most heard phrase from my students is "It's already one hour! But we just started the class".
  • How long are your sessions?
    Classes are 30 mins to 2 hours. Usually, classes are 1 hour, but sometimes the younger kids focus better when the classes are 30-45 minutes long. If after your regular weekly session you still have a doubt and want to clarify, you can book a 15 min doubt clarification session. The middle/ high schoolers sometimes need intensive prep for a test and those classes go up to 2 hours.
  • How much does it cost?
    Elementary and Middle School math - $55 per hour Covers Elementary school math, Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 Enrichment Class I - $55 per hour includes Elementary School Math Competitions: CML for grades 3-6 MOEMS for grades 4-6 Math Kangaroo for grades 3-5 Middle School Math Competitions: AMC8 for grades 6-8 Math kangaroo for grades 3-8 High School Math - $60 per hour Covers Geometry I and Algebra II Enrichment Class II - $60 per hour Covers Math Counts For 30 minute or 45 minute sessions or any special cases feel free to message me for rates.
  • Is it possible to reduce the cost?
    Bring a study buddy. Then the cost for each of you is $40 per hour for middle and elementary school kids. Given the intensity of high school curriculum, I do not encourage buddy system for high schoolers.
  • What are your tutoring policies?
    Rescheduling policies: Once a weekly spot is allocated for your child, it is reserved purely for him/ her. In general, booked sessions may be rescheduled (for any reason) up to 1 week before the scheduled session. You can contact me via phone or e-mail to reschedule. However repeated reschedules or cancellations might cause you to lose your spot. As a general rule if you have to reschedule more than once a month you need to think about your commitment. Cancellations: Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance by text or e-mail. If same day cancellations are made, the session will not be refunded or rescheduled. In the instance of an emergency, the session may be rescheduled. Emergencies include illness, accident/injury and bereavement. However, no shows are strictly not encouraged and you will be charged for the session. Please text me (even if it is a one-liner) that you won't be able to make it to class. Reminders: I will send reminders through WhatsApp 24 hours before the session. If you are more than 5 minutes tardy to the session, the session will not be extended. You will not receive a refund if you/your child does not attend the session. Every effort will be made to accommodate extenuating circumstances. Rates and rate change notice: Standard rate for each tutoring session is $45-50 for a 55-minute session. Advance notice will be provided when session rates change. This typically happens at most once a year and in the beginning of the academic term. Payment details: After the initial 2 lessons, when a regular schedule of tutoring is established, payment is required for the current month in advance. I'll send you the payment details as soon as we've decided on the class timings.
  • Are all links in your website Affiliates?
    AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE POLICY V's Online Math Tutoring uses Amazon affiliates programs for monetization, which means when you click on links to some of the Amazon products that I recommend in any of my posts and make that purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site. I am not an affiliate of anything else. I only recommend products in my articles that I have used or have thoroughly researched. But I would still recommend you to do your research before purchasing any materials. If you have any questions about any of my affiliates, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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