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Biju Thavaran


Guru & Guide & Mentor

More than a math teacher, we found Ms. Sudha to be a wonderful Guru, Guide, and a Mentor. She is so passionate in what she does and is in the profession to guide a student the importance of hard work, persistence & perseverance.
These ethics taught throughout the course helped my son qualify to the state math competition. I feel the lessons learned from Ms. Sudha is not confined to just the math course but to remember for life.

Words definitely cannot express the gratitude we have towards you but we greatly appreciate & thank you very much for all the efforts put forth to help my son have a very successful 8th-grade math competition and lessons taught for life.

Mother of M


Vasudha is one of the most dedicated teachers one can find these days. She takes time to understand the needs of your kid before customising a teaching plan for him/her. She is knowledgeable, quick thinking and engaging, qualities that one will need in order to conduct online lessons. I will highly recommend her! 

Madhuri Bandla


Vasudha has been teaching my daughter for almost 9 months now. My daughter loves Vasudha’s classes. I see a great improvement in her math skills. and her confidence has increased drastically. I liked the way Vasudha teaches, she lets kid explore their own way of solving a problem( there is always more than one way to solve a problem). Vasu also tells them if there is a better and easy way to make it easier when solving a similar problem next time. Vasudha is great at preparing kids for any competitions for their grade (sometimes higher). She also makes it very easy for the kid to understand the underlying concept in-depth. I highly recommend Vasudha for math tutoring.

Selvi Gopi

Perth, Australia

Vasu was a wonderful tutor and we would definitely use her again, should the situation arise. We would also not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed assistance with Maths tutorial and would also highly recommend V's Online Math Tutoring for Excellence. My son attended 2 days of Cryptograms group Workshop. Vasu caters for all kids and pay details attention to all kids though they were working in groups in solving the problem. She also focused not only the right answer but explain the thought process of each question so kids would able to do similar question anytime. We were extremely happy with the workshop.

Anushka Elango

Grade 5, Washington

Vasudha Aunty is a wonderful teacher!!! The way she teaches is very clear. I really liked the cryptogram problems which we did, because it was challenging and more fun to solve. I loved the tips which she taught me. Thanks for taking such a nice class Vasudha Aunty!!

Varish Duriseti

Grade 5 Connecticut

“Sudha auntie is a great teacher. She is never boring or annoying and she always challenges me. What is great about her, is that when I get a question wrong she doesn't just tell me the answer and tell me why, she gives me clues on how to figure out the problem. Then if I can't  figure it out, she will tell me how to solve the problem, telling me the answer in the process. She also never yells at me or gets mad at me. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Vishnu Duriseti

Grade 8 Connecticut

“Sudha aunty is by far my most favorite math tutor. She really helped me to understand algebra in a way that I couldn't have done on my own. She understands our personality and knows when we get bored (if we ever do!). 

Sudha Aunty has helped me more in learning the concepts and applications of algebra that I don't think many other math teachers could accomplish. ”



"My daughter is in 7th grade and she was struggling in her Advanced Math class at school. We started working with Vasudha 3 months ago and that has made a huge difference. Vasudha has an innate ability to connect with children and give them the confidence that they can handle mathematics. This shift in my daughter's attitude from Math being a scary subject to "Math is fun and I can handle it", is a great achievement. My daughter looks forward to her math lessons with Vasudha."

Kavitha Ramakanth


"Vasudha is a very passionate teacher, who is very quick to understand the child’s level of understanding, learning styles and designing an effective teaching method. She brings the love for math and and can customize lessons to suit the needs of your child, something that’s very rare to find these days. Would highly recommend Vasudha for maths tutoring from beginners to advanced."


New York

“Thank you Sudha! You are a very good math teacher.

My daughter absolutely loved learning math from you and is slowly getting rid of the fear of math. You are awesome”

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