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2017 a Look Back - Summary of My Students Success

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

2017 was a great year for me and my students. It was a year of many changes including my big move from the United States to India. While I have mixed emotions about the move, (happy to see my parents but miss my US friends) I'm glad that almost all my students decided to stay with me. We decided that we would continue to work online.

The farewell that my students gave me is unforgettable. The moms threw me a party and every single girl gave me a big hug and said they would miss me. One of them said "having you around is like having an elder sister. I want you to come on Skype twice a week just to chat with me and then we have can our math class". The boys gave me a high five and joked about the classes.

Every single kid felt I helped them succeed. I am grateful and lucky to get a wonderful bunch of kids to tutor and coach and befriend. Here are some of the success stories of my students.

1. Krithika got the highest score in her grade in AMC 8. She improved her score from being in the bottom 25% to the top 15%.

2. Vishnu improved his AMC 8 score as well. He went from not being able to understand the paper to be in the top 25%.

3. P moved from Advanced Math to Honors Algebra 2. She went from 'math might not be my subject' to 'honors math is soooo interesting and I'm having so much fun with math'.

4. Shriya (Grade 4) improved her SBAC scores. She went from being in the 67th percentile in her class to the 95th percentile.

5. Krithika & Vishnu got between 90th and 99th percentiles in their math portion of their pSAT8 exam without being coached for it. All their AMC 8 training kicked in and pSAT was easy because of their problem-solving skills.

6. Shriya (Grade 7) went from "Math is scary" to "Math is fun and I can handle it. Her grades improved drastically and she was able to get into Geometry in grade 8 and is now comfortable with math.

7. R is now no longer afraid of math (she used to freeze before exams). She gets straight A's and is extremely comfortable and wants to move to advanced math.

As you know I'm an Online Math Tutor. Would you like your kid to be a success?

Contact me today for a free 15 min consultation on how I can help you.

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Atul Rana
Atul Rana
05 mar 2018

That's a nice bunch of student stories. Moving countries can be hard work and glad you have settled in and are also able to connect with your students from before.

Me gusta
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