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2018 and 2019 a Look Back - Summary of My Student's Success

Updated: May 31

2018 was another great year for me and my students. All my students did well and it's a happy memory to look back. I loved working with them and they've done their best last year as well.

My students loved the classes and look forward to it. I am grateful and lucky to get a wonderful bunch of kids to tutor and coach and befriend. Here are some of the success stories of my students for 2018.

1. R skipped a year of Math by taking the challenge exam for Algebra 1. She was asked to take 2 more exams apart from her regular state test and her school exam and came out in flying colours. The effort she put in to ace those exams is highly commendable. She hated math and had trouble even with basic fractions when she started the year! At the end of the school year, she was teaching her friends. Way to go R.

2. Vishnu took the challenge exam in his school to skip Geometry. He's now in 9th grade doing Algebra 2 after clearing the Geometry challenge exam. Given that we honed his problem-solving skills in the previous year, this was not that difficult. The challenge was to stay motivated and work with Geometry throughout the year.

3. On a MOEMS test in WE school, there were only 3 kids who had non zero scores. All 3 of them were my students. We used to work on math competitions for 15-60 minutes per week and that was enough for them to get well above their peers. You can see how much of a difference practicing math an hour a week can do!

4. L moved from 5th position in his school to 2nd position in MOEMS competition. He scored either a 4 or a 5 out of 5 in all his five MOEMS tests.

5. Krithika did well as usual and got placed in honours Math in her school. She is no longer my student as she does not need my help anymore :) She can work independently.

6. When Devu started math classes with me, she had trouble with basic word problems. She needed help to figure it if she needed to multiply or divide. Within 4 months she started working on competitions and now wants to move to the Honours math program in her school!

7. Harshita started this school year in regular math. Her first test score was a B+. She started with me in October and since then she's maintained her grades as an A or A+. Within a month, her teacher suggested that she give an exam in the year-end to skip Pre-Algebra. This was done with one hour of tutoring per week.

8. When Aadhav, a second grader started math classes with me, he had trouble with basic word problems and wasn't interested in math. He had trouble with identifying what operations to perform to get the solution. Now he's learnt the proper techniques to handle the word problems.

His arithmetic skills have improved and now he loves doing mental math. He wants more puzzles to do! He loves Sudokus and can solve a 5x5 Sudoku puzzle on his own.

9. Padma was a bright kid, but was denied Honours math in her school. She was great at solving routine problems but had trouble with problems that were challenging (and her school had a lot of that). We worked on her problem-solving skills throughout last year after which she took a challenge exam and moved to Honours Algebra II. This year she is in High Honours Pre-Calc. She loves it and even with her hectic schedule, would not consider going to a lower level!

Success stories of 2019

I was going to write this as a separate blog post but it's more than half way through 2020 and I still haven't gotten to it. From the latter half of 2019 till now has been the busiest period of my tutoring.

Some of my success stories:

  1. Harshita skipped Pre-Algebra :) Her teacher suggested that she can try it in October, and gave her the syllabus in December. We started working in January for 2 hours a week for 4 months and that was enough for her to pass the exam!

  2. Vrishak skipped Algebra 1 by giving a challenge exam too. He's now doing well in Geometry as well.

  3. Aarav an Australian student got a distinction in AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition) That places him in the top 10% in the country or his state.

  4. Viku and Devu got placed in advanced math in private schools. They both also wrote ISEE without preparation and did really well. Preparing for math competitions really helps in these impromptu exams! When Devu started a year ago, she had trouble even telling time. She has come so far ahead now.

  5. R moved up to advanced math level 2 this year. Last year as you might have read above she skipped Algebra 1 by giving a challenge exam.

  6. Yasmin was homeschooling and her math sessions with her dad always used to end in tears. Within a couple of months, she got confident and she was able to do it by herself.

All these kids had untapped math potential. They had some gaps in learning in the previous years that prevented them from being the mathematicians that they are today. They were told by their teachers, parents or peers that math is "not really their thing". Now they are challenging their beliefs.

In the USA there are a lot of girls who are being told that Math is not for girls. In my childhood, I used to take it for granted that girls are always good in studies because girls have fewer distractions! So the first time I heard it I was surprised. There is really no evidence that girls are bad in math. All my students - both boys and girls are good at math. So next time please tell your girls that they are good at math and see the difference in their outlook and scores!

As you know I'm an Online Math Tutor. I help kids with their school math and coach them for math competitions.

Would you like your kid to be a success? Contact me today for a free 15 min consultation on how I can help your kid succeed in math today.

Success stories of V's Online Math Tutoring
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