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Math Competition Problems Problem of the Week - 8

Updated: May 11, 2021

 2BA + C6D  = 8AD. Find out A, B, C and D

Source: Adapted from CML math competition

Math Competition Problems - Problem of the Week 8
Math Competition Problems - Problem of the Week 8


First let's see the unit's place. For A+D=D, A has to be 0 (zero). This is the identity property of addition. Any number plus zero gives itself. No other number other than zero has this property. Hence A=0 and D can be any number.

Next B+6=A and A=0. So B+6=0. Since B is a positive number, B+6 = 10. So there should be a carry over. And 4+6=10, hence B=4

Now 2+C+1 (carry over) = 8.

So, 3+C=8. Hence C=5

Try one on your own now. Post the answer in the comments section below

Interesting Math Problems
Interesting Math Problems

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