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2020 a Look Back - Summary of My Student's Success

2020 Whew, what a year! With all the lockdowns in place and virtual/ hybrid schools, a lot of kids life was turned upside down 🙃 We all went through COVID. My Father -in-law was hospitalised and then after a few months my grand mom was. It was scary times. I had to call some of my parents to reschedule during those times and they stood solidly by me. They even had tips on how I can deal with the situation for some of them had gone through the similar situations. I am really grateful to them for the support they offered.

Most of my students work solidly whether COVID or not. In person, hybrid, all online, they did their best and produced beautiful results :) I'm really proud of them. Here are some of the success stories of my students for 2020.

1. Devu got into Algebra 1 course in 6th grade. This is a huge achievement for her given that she thought math isn't her thing.

2. Aarav (an Australian student) got a distinction again in AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition) and he was placed within the top 7% in the country or his state.

Student Success Stories of 2020
Student Success Stories of 2020

3. M (from Singapore) won a Silver Medal in the finals in Annual Mathlympics.

4. All of my math counts students went to State Round. Aaryan went to the state round in both Math Counts and None of them had qualified last year. So we are were super excited.

5. Aaryan also prepared for Algebra 2 over the summer and went on to do Pre-Calc in Grade 9. He found Algebra 2 easy after Math Counts :)

6. Jyothi got National rank 20 in Math Kangaroo Grade 4. She also took a challenge exam at the end of Grade 4 to skip a year of math to get into Pre-Algebra in Grade 5.

7. All the other students maintained their A's. All of them learnt to work steadily and independently

Despite being a COVID year and math competitions being cancelled in a lot of schools, my students still did their best and worked consistently. They did not let the system affect them. They understood that they cannot control the circumstances.

Interestingly I had a student (7th grader) email me directly and ask if I would coach her for AMC 8 and if her parents can call me to work out the details! She did her own research to find out a tutor who'd coach her for AMC8.

The reason I write this is to encourage the parents and the students to do better. What mattered finally for all of them was not their math skills but their attitude. They wanted to do well. That made the difference.

As you know I'm an Online Math Tutor. I help students with their school math and also coach them for competitions.

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Success stories of V's Online Math Tutoring
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